The lawsuit of the Prime Minister Yingluck is the stigma of the earth.

The lawsuit of the Prime Minister Yingluck is the stigma of the earth.

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Girl banker crash the bank.
Identify, The lawsuit of the Prime Minister Yingluck is the stigma of the earth.

Miss Chayada Trakulrungroj, ex bank employees, unfold the number of rice pledged project damaged that incriminating the former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra has a defect. It is a mistake that is aimed at political gain, that make the real rogue be free. It is the fault of the bank. When i disputes the bank executives. I was bullied and pressured until the bank ordered me out of work. To conceal the evil  management of the bank.

After the complaint to Office of NCC (National Anti-Corruption Commission). Have some labour union staff protect the bank’s committee fully. Miss Chayada Trakulrungroj , she unfold behavior of some labour staff unions, state enterprise, and the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. That defective  in protects the interests of labour union members. By writing an open letter to the committee and labour union members. Including,
ask for help to the Confederation of State Enterprise Workers Association. As detailed in the opening letter as follows.

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November 30, 2018
Title : Explain facts about terminate the job. Miss Chayada Trakulrungroj.

To : State Enterprise Labor Union Commission, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperative and every the bank’s employee.

I am Miss Chayada Trakulrungroj. Number : 5600708. To work in the Business Development Officer position, Bank for Argriculture and Argriculture Cooperative, Chumpohn Province and Surathani Province. Later, I move to be stationed at Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperative Headquarter, Bang Khen, Bangkok. In October 2014. I have duty take charge of check in Rice Scheme Program. Until October 2015,  I was assigned to collect the damage document of rice pledging project.
To file a witness to the Attorney General. In the case of alleged to Miss Yingluck Shinawatra, ex prime minister. Guilty of neglect, refrain and let there be corruption in the rice pledging scheme.

I collected the documents honestly in the duty of the bank staff. To obtain the correct accounting evidence. When I found that the accounting damage in the rice pledging scheme was incorrect.
So I challenged the State Policy Department. If it is just a collection of orders without authentication and it was used in the case of alleged that the ex Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. By incorrect number of damage. It is the fault of the bank. Likewise, It is uncleanness to me and not fair to the ex Prime Minister Yingluck. And if I acted according to the order of the bosses without dispute, Maybe I could have been good.

Even though the judicial process has brought the incorrect number
to use condemn Miss Yingluck Shinawatra. Although not all know the truth. But the result of this deficiency accounting  has devastated another person. And made real people who corruption was free in the social.

I was terminated. Due to do honest duty as a good government official.
I do not have any political affiliations. I argued for a defect in the dishonesty. But i was bullied.

They accuse me of being crazy. They used stratagem to me by the doctor to check my mental health at the bank. And I was taken to several hospitals. Until I was finally terminated (September 28, 2018).
Things all them did to me just because want the committee of the bank survived from fraud investigations of them. I complained to the labour union committee for protect the interests of employees.
But the labour union committee ignored it. And they also issued a statement defending the Bank’s management (News : สร.ธกส. On August 2018). Later, I filed a complaint with NCC to investigate the fraud of the bank executives in the pledge scheme. By with the help from Mr. Weera Somkuamkid (Nov. 21, 2018). But there are labour union committee by Mr. Sumate Ponphan convinced Mr. Weera don’t listen to one side and help solve committee of the bank that”The bank is only obliged to pay,is a cashier only.

This labor union committee and others will forget that. Labour Union represent employees to protect the interests of employees. It does not protect the interests of the employer. And not to protect the committee. It has the duty to protect the interests of the employees. Today, labour union committee receive some privileges from committee of the bank to forget it.

Nowadays,  employees of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperative have many problems, such as appointment, transfer or promotion, according to the satisfaction of the management, problems, lines, and flattering.
Employee Assistants who want work hard but they had right less than employees. Employment is the cause of unequal in organization. The women who good look must be used to decorate for executives.

Dear all employees and members of the labour union should be aware of the truth and protect our interests. Right of our employees by check the work of labour union committee who are confused in their roles. To allow the labour union to protect the interests us. Help create fairness within the organization. And to protect the interests of the nation and people continuous.

I will continue to fight for the truth and someday will appear  fairness to the bank for Agricultural and Argriculture Cooperative. Free from fraud and cheating.

Thank you to all the bank agents at this opportunity.

Copy  : Confederation of State Labor Relations / Federation of Labor, Banking and Finance
Yours sincerely,

Miss Chayada Trakulrungroj